Concentric Plate

An amazing sound quality improving alloy plate that can be easily replaced.

Noise is guided from the power supply! First of all, it is ideal to thoroughly induce noise at the root wall outlet. To cope with all kinds of noise, carefully selected from many metals, to prevent noise mixing to the utmost. The effect is tremendous.


Ultra low noise specification outlet plate


It is the world's highest-end high-end outlet plate which succeeded in suppressing a wide range of noise by using three types of aircraft aluminum alloy, special copper alloy, special alloy powder and so on. With a thickness of 40 mm, plugs and wall outlets hold firmly. You will be surprised at improving unexpected super S/N.


New material · High performance high end outlet plate


Outlet plate using new material special alloy. The overwhelming S/N is attractive compared to conventional products. Hold firmly the plug with 30 mm thickness.


Slim low noise specification outlet plate


Aircraft aluminum alloy was scraped out and attached to a wall socket with a thickness of 15 mm. It is a basic item of noise countermeasure around the outlet.


New material · High performance general purpose outlet plate


A high-performance high-end outlet plate of the type that can be put on your power strip. Review the aircraft aluminum alloy material and adopt new materials. We realized noise suppression in a wider band than ever. Special alloys New materials. It can be used for any kind of outlet in general purpose.