Product features

Japanese high-end accessories manufacturer born from pursuit of sound manufacturer

Audio Replas is a high-end accessory maker that has been producing advanced products in Japan since its inception in 1993. In order to reproduce the sound more convincing than the existing insulator, the founder who independently pursued the research developed as the first product is an integrally molded insulator having two kinds of hardness whose vibration mode is shifted Application). In addition, digital has confirmed that sound quality is influenced by the influence of noise, commercialized micro D / A converter which converts from digital to analog with a very small circuit less than 5 cm. While hardware is highly dependent on parts, it is difficult to constantly demonstrate the highest quality, our company has decided to begin daringly as a specialized manufacturer of accessories. After that, at the insulator which is the representative product of our company, we have developed a unique material "HR high purity quartz glass" which can greatly improve the sound quality and S / N ratio, We continue to pursue. Currently, our products are popular not only in Japan, but also by users in more than 20 countries including the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Developed the highest standard material for reproducing "original sound"

Our products range from insulators, power supply related products, room tuning products and so on. How to reduce "noise and distortion" is an important key to reproduce "original sound". For that reason, we are developing materials that are most effective for removing noise and distortion in all products. High-purity "HR quartz glass" which made quick vibration treatment possible in the audible band at all, insulators "HR quartz glass" of high purity enabling rapid vibration treatment in the audible band, "Pt Ruthenium" realizing extremely low quantum noise which brings metals close to the non-contact state to terminals Adopted. In order to prevent any noise from entering the power box and power strip, we are committed to scraping out "special alloy of aircraft and space development grade" from innocence, and room tuning products include "special metal coating Embossed "materials and other materials, we continue to challenge new material development even while making full use of state-of-the-art technology.

Approach to noise and distortion with molecular level special technology and unique structure

In order to bring out the functions and possibilities of carefully selected materials from all over the world, naturally high technical strength is also required. "Ultra SZ physical property processing technology" widely used in our products such as cables, outlets and plugs. It is our proprietary technology to change the molecular clusters structure of the material uniformly by cryogenic treatment and electromagnetic field treatment to eliminate the distortion generated when processing the material and make it a stable material. In addition to the room tuning products, a system that accurately diffuses the echo of the sound according to the frequency, and the product related to the power supply is adopted a "guiding filter" structure which misses high frequency noise along the outside of the power supply We have gathered all kinds of technologies such as being, and it has become a product that attracted attention to detail. In order to reproduce these complex structures with high precision, we manufacture all products in Japan. Precise and sophisticated Japanese technology capabilities are fully incorporated, such as minimizing errors from the value of torque to screw tightening to the timing of soldering.

Do not color extra, draw out the goodness of the sound itself

The most important thing in our product creation is "to maximize the goodness of sound." It may be similar to the idea of ​​Japanese "Japanese food" which does not unnecessary coloring and removes the taste so that it can reproduce even a fine expression, in other words, thoroughly suppresses seasoning and brings out the ingredient's flavor. There are still many unknown parts about the sound of audio, and research and development is being promoted in various fields now. Our goal is to continue to grow as a high-end audio accessory manufacturer that is world-class. As a "specialist" pursuing clearer and more fresh sounds, I hope to provide new value to many users while making full use of the technology and expertise cultivated over many years.

Ultra SZ physical property processing technology

Ultra SZ physical property processing which is one of our major technologies is to change physical properties inherent in materials such as cryogenic treatment (cryo) and electromagnetic field treatment, while eliminating stress due to bending stress and heat, It is very advanced and unique unique property treatment of our company which changes to characteristics tailored to the application. By doing this treatment, as for the cable, as shown in Figure 1-1, the molecular cluster structure becomes very homogeneous and it brings about a smooth effect on the flow of electrons. Also, as shown in Fig. 1-2, the aluminum alloy homogenized by ultra SZ physical property treatment greatly reduces high-frequency noise and electromagnetic field noise which are bad influences from the outside, and can prevent induction which has other adverse effects I will. The character of the material itself is reduced to the limit, and it can be said that it is an advantageous process for the cable system as well as vibration system. We handle this ultra SZ physical property treatment to all cables, internal wiring, outlets, plugs and so on. In addition, this ultra SZ treatment is also applied to aircraft grade aluminum alloy of outlet power plate and super barrier tap. In addition, this technology is also useful for space development such as rockets, artificial satellites, etc., which require durability and severe strength against environmental changes.


Audio grade HR quartz glass technology

The OPT series has evolved to higher performance, which had been well received by the long seller of seven years. New material HR quartz is used. Our audio grade high response high-purity quartz glass which finished quartz glass which is ideal for the most vibration processing to audio grade further has unprecedented sound quality and reproducibility of sound stage, super high S / N Earn. Compared with the conventional model, the response is even faster, so the low frequency shortage feeling and the hardness of the sound have dramatically improved so far. On the contrary, the sound quality, S / N, resolution, etc. are improved considerably, so sound convolution of satisfaction is realized.

Special ruthenium plating technology

It is a common theme to emphasize electrical resistance for good sound, but the electric resistance of the material itself is a fine numerical value as follows as compared with contact resistance and solder resistance.

7.6 10 6 minus Ω / cm ruthenium melting point 2250 ° C. boiling point 4155 ° C.
1.6 10 6 minus Ω / cm Copper melting point 1084 ° C. Boiling point 2562 ° C.
1.5 10 6 minus Ω / cm Silver melting point 961 ° C. Boiling point 2162 ° C.
2.4 10 6 minus Ω / cm Gold point 1064 ° C. Boiling point 2857 ° C.
4.3 10 6 minus Ω / cm rhodium melting point 1960 ° C. boiling point 3697 ° C.
9.8 10 minus 6 Ω / cm Platinum melting point 1768 ° C. Boiling point 3827 ° C.
10.1 10 6 minus Ω / cm Tin (tin) Melting point 231 ° C. Boiling point 2602 ° C.

0.000001.5 Ω / cm Silver
0.000007.6 Ω / cm ruthenium
0.0000101 Ω / cm Tin (tin)

In general there is a standard that the connector contact resistance is 10 mΩ or less.

10 mΩ = 0.01 Ω

The contact resistance is 1000 to 10,000 times more than the resistance of the material.

It can be understood that the resistance due to the plating material is extremely fine as compared with the electric resistance of tin (tin) which is the main component of solder intervening in countless contacts for audio.

In addition, ruthenium has the effect of refining the crystal grain of the alloy and improves the mechanical properties

As a ruthenium technique in recent years, a new technology has been established to suppress the residual resistance and lower the resistance by covering the wiring resistance of Cu copper with interfacial electron scattering with Ru ruthenium.

Significantly reducing quantum noise is a key to improving sound quality in audio.

Aircraft grade aluminum alloy technology

We realized this low price while having a very luxurious structure of scraping expensive aircraft grade special aluminum alloy which is also our new technology from innocence. Pure domestic production learn accurate and high quality excavation technology by computer machining. The finishing of the surface adopts hand polish which is very troublesome. A smooth texture with a comfortable feel brings about a great effect on sound quality. Ideal for audio, this special aluminum alloy with excellent characteristics was chosen to shut out harmful electromagnetic waves and high frequency harmful noises. It would not be an overstatement to say that choosing the material will decide the good or bad of the sound. We got the ideal material and structure by doing hearings and checking the characteristics from the prototype we did many times. Of course, this selected material and structure, as well as representative treatment of Ultra SZ physical property treatment, cryogenics (cryogenic treatment) etc. are given.

Reason why you can produce super high-end sound, high-performance power tap plate inside is released!

Comparison experiment of noise rejection of audio replus high performance power tap

Power supply In comparative experiment with other company's products, it can be solved real!
Difficult noise effectively induced, to eliminate!

I believe that the role of taps is to induce and absorb only the noisy wave noise and to absorb it.

Filters and power supplies that use transformers, coils, choke, capacitors, etc. will induce loop noise and many contact noise by the circuit. Moreover, there is a limitation on the capacity, causing a decrease in responsiveness or an ideal power supply can not be obtained. It is a noise that can not be heard such as "high-frequency noise / electromagnetic noise" that originally has a very great influence on sound quality. This is induced by the antenna effect, and it is difficult to remove with a filter circuit to remove it. In order to eliminate this noise, the "guidance" method can attenuate and remove the sound quality best without adverse effect. So I would like you to pay attention to the graph below, but very interesting results were obtained compared with other audio taps of other companies. As shown in the photograph on the left, input the noise signal of the Takanawa wave standard wide band into the tap from the inlet, and measure the noise signal output from the outlet. We measured how much noise attenuates by passing through a tap. We succeeded in drastically attenuating in a broadband compared with other companies. In addition, the higher-order aircraft has more attenuation and bandwidth, and has obtained high-performance experimental data.